Friday, December 07, 2007

peanut butter and jellery song 7

well this took a shamefully long time.
i sorely suspect that this 23-song project will take me into 2008. now i'll have to change all the graphics!

okay, so here is:


there are a variety of compelling reasons why this song took so long to make. not the least of which is that i am insanely busy both playing with uncle monsterface and selling portraits of sock puppets that i make.

and yes, it is true that those things make me occupied and productive and less able to make little other songs. but it is also true that this song is personal and sappy in a much more direct manner than usual. so the 'busy' stuff works as an effective excuse to push this aside all-too-often. so the song makes me nervous, and i keep not liking it. but i pledged that i would push some of this personal and sappy stuff for peanut butter and jellery, and here some of it is. there is more to come of it, but then there will also be songs about clothes and bears and the like as well.

i think that this song came out okay. i struggled with how i want it to sound, and it's pretty close, but i no longer have any idea whether or not it is any fun to actually listen to. so be it.

hopefully it won't take me two months to make the next one, because i already know what i want my NEXT song project to be, but i have to finish this gosh-darned one first.

happy everything.


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Jessica G. Miller said...

This is a be-buttoned comment.

Your Kiss is my favourite song so far on Peanut Butter and Jellery. It makes me sad but happy at the same time.
I think it's beautiful.