Friday, August 31, 2007

i am making a bunch of new songs called peanut butter and jellery.

it's me, marty.
the short-ish story:
i am making 23 new songs up...sort of...
i'm not sure how long it will take.
it will be called
"peanut butter and jellery",
(big thanks to perfect jimmy for the title idea that i then slightly modified because i am weird and also to remind me of the james kochalka book i really like called peanut butter and JEREMY, and my best friend of that same name, and also because i like peanut butter a CELERY way better than peanut butter and jelly...)

each new song(s) will initially be on my myspace at and the completed and archived work will be up on my old songaday blog at ...
at the end, i think i'll call it an 'album', and give it artwork and everything.
initially i thought i would reserve the right to re-sequence the tracks, but i take that back. it'll be more interesting to let the album sequence itself.

i can make no guarantees about the quality of these songs, both conceptually and in listening-wise...we'll find out together...

here are the first three songs from 'peanut butter and jellery' that i peanut butter and jelleried in the wee hours:

1. holdmyhand-
is i think about living in new york and being overwhelmed by massive amounts of people who are constantly so physically close to one another but simultaneously so isolated from one another. urban life. sometimes it seems like we're all singing the same song, but we can't join together, we're all running the same marathon, but we can't keep up. and i just want everyone to try and hold hands while they try...i'm such a softee...

2. tiananmen square root -
is not a political statement, but just a strange lyrical phrase that got stuck in me so i needed to let it its way, i guess it becomes about my own curious thought-process and where that leads me (as many of my organically derived and naturally evolved songs and artworks are wont to do). memories of old cars and global tragedies butt heads and entangle body parts with books about the berenstein bears... that sort of thing...

3. this is my hed-
it's made out of head. this is my head. it's made out of your head...(see above)

please join me as i make up the rest.

the longer story:
usually, i am in a band called uncle monsterface. together in that band, we make many wonderful songs.

sometimes, i make songs by myself. sometime those songs even become monsterface songs (which is to say, way better). around 2005 or so-ish, just as uncle monsterface was being born unto the world and planet and planet of worlds, i made a song a day for 30 days, 3 different times, totaling 90 songs. the results of that experiment are still at:,
and that will also be the primary home of this experiment (as you've hopefully surmised).

you see, i can't quite carve out the time for another song-a-day at this juncture in my life. this is basically a good thing - my life is full of a myriad of exciting creative pursuits. but i still want to undergo a ridiculous marathon project of song-ing...

enter 'peanut butter and jellery' .
here's how this one came about:
i write a ton of little musical 'blips' : musical thoughts or ideas, often only around 30-40 seconds, that largely just sit around on my hard drive and mock me. more recently in the material world, i decided to make a concerted effort to compartmentalize a lot of my sketch book efforts. so i now have: a 'funny' sketch book, a 'drawings' sketchbook, and a 'songs' sketchbook (and tons of others, really. but you get the point.)

so, to keep making a long story long, the other night i was thinking about all the little music 'blips' i have. on my way to bed, i listened to one, and thought suddenly, 'oh my goodness, wouldn't that be just very super perfect for those weird lyrics i wrote?' i didn't make it to bed for another four hours, because suddenly i was matching lyrics to music-blips in a frenzy (and an irresponsible frenzy at that, as i was justifiably dog-tired and had several other things i OUGHT to have been doing...). in the end, i had matched no less than 23 sets of words to 23 little pieces of music. an unusual feat, and an odd way to write songs...(and as an aside, the number has a sweet spot for me from a variety of directions [let's please ignore the silly movie], and it was entirely unintentional. on a conscious level, anyways...)

but i didn't RECORD any of it, see? so i'd imagine SOME of it will work great, and some will end up in the,'huh, what was i thinking aboot?' category. and i invite you, fictitious person who is no longer reading my over-wrought missive, to join me on this journey of journeys. weeeee! what a journey! of sonnnng!


some notes on why this isn't another songaday:
it can't be song-a-day because it isn't. it's something else entirely. for one, with song-a-day, a big part of the ethic was that the song was made up in it's entirety on that day. i'm sure there will be a lot of re-working of what's already written and recorded going on with this project (but the essential bits are there, and once it's recorded and posted it's 'done'), and i'm pretty sure there will be days and days where i won't publish songs. and days (like today) where i publish several. but if i wait too long, you should get on my case. moreover, a lot of these songs will be short as the dickens. most of them, probably. not that dickens was always short, but you get that idea, too. moreover, some will be sappy and/or morose. and i don't generally hold with that crud with the monsterface. at least not in as much of an obvious manner.

and that's my story. welcome to
'peanut butter and jellery'
(thanks again, jimmy!)

as ever, please let me know what you think.


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Jocelyn! said...

Sir! I wonder why 23 has a special place in your hearty heart. (In mine it is my birthday [April], shared incidentally with Shakespeare, Shirley Temple, and Roy Orbison, who, if combined, would probably make someone like me. Or you.) Also, this is me getting on your ass. More songs, please! Hope your world is wonderful, worldly, and warm.