Saturday, February 26, 2005

songaday volume 3 #26

moving forward we have go!

one of the many nice things about a saturday to myself is it means that my songaday gets to be done mid-day. which means i am far more comfortable all-out screaming. which isn't to say that my room doesn't resonate with it's fair share pf whelps and whinnies aech night around 2am, it's just that i can REALLY scream during the day. i mean, this stuff would be downright inappropraite at such wee hours.

very awfully close. yes yes.
are you with me out there, people who listen to things?

let's take the rock and roll on down through the home stretch.


Anonymous said...

Super sweet and circusy. Yay.

Steve Garfield said...

Hi Marty,
Gotta go.