Wednesday, February 23, 2005

songaday volume 3 #23

target practice with: shoot me down

don't worry, it's about climbing trees, and how to get off of them.
i like summoning the bluesman inside. i want to do more of that.

first of all, let's all countdown to uncle monsterface at o'briens on march 3 - 8:30pm. count with me...

and in case you were worrying, i'm still ucky-sick. i got better in the morning and now i'm sicker. ayuck. singing songs like that isn't so conducive to healthiness, either. but songaday is songaday. note the clever use of my incredibly stufft up voice.

a side note: i think several sweet people took yesterday's "delicate ego" comment as a fishing line for compliments. or something. it wasn't intended as such. but thanks to any and everyone for kind words and encouragement (all the time...and maybe people just happened to be feeling nice at that same moment). anyways, it always means a lot. as does honest criticism. if i may get back on my soap box for a moment, i would preach that if you are reading/watching/experiencing any of this magical world of blogdom, vlogdom, bjournalhood, or anything for that matter, take a moment to tell the person on the other end what you think. it almost never falls on deaf ears. again, this isn't me fishing, it is me preaching.
(oh will you pleasepleaseplease ADORE ME already!)

i think we may be officially on the home stretch here.
hopefully i will be less sick on the morrow (wind).

with mutual adoration and a medicine head,



Anonymous said...

Even when you are diseased you make beautiful things...

This is from your pal Jimmy

Anonymous said...

didn't get to listen the whole time we were away (or are we away now?). anyhow, it is really nice to come home to such fabulous-ness. thank you.
maybe you could put these on an album, so that you can win album of the year. because you would. i say.