Wednesday, February 02, 2005

songaday volume 3 #2

dee-da-dum, here is: clever disguise
i think i am still getting the stink feet proverbially "wet."
um, some of the high end stuff is kind of harsh. i'll try to fix that...anyone know a good way to fix that? in peak or digital performer?

well. so what is funny, or let's say "interesting," is that this song is sort of glommy and serious. or something. i guess it's just that it's is about loss and deception. and i think at the least the newspaper article and to some extent popular notions lean toward the idea that i write mostly "jokey jingles." and i can very clearly see where that impression comes from. i mean, i write some pretty silly songs. and this song was not written to prove otherwise. it just came out. the point is, it seems to me that i make lots of these weird little overwrought ditties. and i like these, too. and does anyone notice that they are about glomminess? i'm sure we'll also see our fair share of robots, vampires, and bears (so please stick around for those shennanigans if that is what you are waiting for), but it felt worth noting. at least internally. and now externally.

so. this one. was tough again. i am overwhelmed with new technology. i keep going into the process very excited. and remaining so. but it is taking longer than i remember it. because i think the speed starts to pick up as i go. i really wanted to use the olde drum machine and olde keyboards for this one. and it wasn't coming together. and then i took a whole other stab and liked this. i am rambling almost completely incoherently tonight...hmmm...and it's only #2.


anyways, see you tomorrow.
oh yeah! my cute blog buddies ( captain blog steve garfield and ryanne ) went crazy and got me all set up with an RSS thinger before i could do it right. so right now the link is in ryanne's comment from volume 3 #1. i'll try to make the button go, too. or whatever the thinger is and does. i get the vague sense that it has racing stripes and a pit team.

wiggity mackity wordup.


Steve Garfield said...

Hey Marty,
Your RSS 2.0 Feed is soo cool because it allows people to subscribe to your song a day with an aggregator.

You can use iPodderX on a Mac to automatically have each new song downloaded. You're podcasting and you don't even know it. That's because iPodderX will copy the new songs and audio files that it downloads right on to an iPod or other portable media player. You're a player!

We are all using ANT to subscribe to videos, but you can use that too, on a Mac, to subscribe to Marty's Song A Day.

Anonymous said...

dear marty,
i love your song.
amy mae

Anonymous said...

This song loosely reminds me of "Turn Around" by They Might Be Giants. Not in melody or because of the "you were turning around" lyrics, but in the indescribably mysterious feeling it gives me.
Your Pal Joy

ryanne hodson said...

good thing i can download your songs everyday in ANT

i love getting a song a day on my computer from you
it's like candy treats

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Anonymous said...

Now this is funny ;)