Saturday, December 04, 2004

update (notnewsongaday)

scroll down a bit to hear songs that i made every day for awhile.

just a bit of an update:
i am thiking february for songaday volume 3.

largely due to the new rockband - uncle monsterface.
me and two other swell fellows, we are playing many songs that were born on this very blog, and still others songs as well. it is exciting.

we premiere at zuzu cafe in central square cambridge tuesday december 7. on a bit late - 10, i think.

then we play again at the espirit de corps basement at 44 green st in jp on december 11. this one will probably be a bit more performance rock-based.

and lastly, go and see the extraordordinary ryan hodson's (of the lobster building video fame ) new video blog at
it rocks

yay, and yay, and i miss you songaday.

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Anonymous said...

sing a fucking song, bitch.

(your NYC friend)