Tuesday, October 05, 2004

songaday volume 2 #5

i am many things, but i ain't no train

this song qualifies for grossest begining ever. totally gross. weird and funny. interesting and odd. no subject matter left unturned! ayup.
i am getting antsy with this a - b - a2 formula that i keep falling on, so you might see me consciously try and muck that up a bit in the days to come.

it is well worth noting how very very different songaday feels to me this time through. still great, just way different. i definitely feel some momentum starting up again, but these songs feel less isolated. they feel like they are closer brothers and sisters to one another than the previous lot feels or felt at the time. whether that will remain true remains to be seen, and perhaps that is only in my brain.

i write about trains a lot. funny, that.

choo choo!


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Anonymous said...

this one's my favorite of the new ones...

Anonymous said...

Awful lot of songs about what you're not. How 'bout some about what you are?

(Okay, really only this and "I Ain't No Vampire" from Volume One, but, you get my point.)

Anonymous said...

Loved it so much, I had to cover it!



Anonymous said...

Now this is funny ;)