Tuesday, October 26, 2004

songaday volume 2 #26

by gum it's another song about birds: birds sigh

ayup, another song about birds, and it ALMOST wins longest (longest having actually been the first songaday of volume 2, laughably at just over 2 minutes. longest of both volumes is this is a spaceship , the classic volume 1 #2 ditty.). though this one sort of cheats with lots of reverb at the end.

this new one has a nicely curious structure. i am finding it tricky to make a song and be a roaring fair weather red sox fan. i make it happen. i summon the power of the jonnydamonbellhorn. it has +5 charisma.

what will be trickier is tomorrow night, when i play a rock show (9:30pm - great scott's in allston - be there to rock). i will be on at the same time as game 4. in a bar...interesting... moreover, i have to make a song at some point tomorrow. prrrobably after the show. yeeesh. so it'll be a late one. owww.

and we've almost made it to the dark tower (which is different but somehow eerily similar to both winning the world series and finishing songaday).

i am a big red sock.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

for some reason, i was taken back to the early 90s. i wish the early 90s had been that cool!
what a great driving song.
i'm going to drive.