Thursday, October 21, 2004

songaday volume 2 #21

songsongsong is: every day mind

tied with littleball for shortest song! i think it IS actually the shortest, because there is some lag at the end there. unlike littleball (and several others), though, i feel like this little ditty is completely complete. made to be the 56 seconds that it is.
this was fun. i feel like it breaks quite a bit with the way i've been writing. which is fun.

and fun is fun.

here are some words i wrote down to give me ideas for today's song:
water lily
bus station

wait, that isn't true. i didn't do that.



Nathaniel said...

I wanted to interest you in a proposition:

As you know, they dug up the toilet of Martin Luther- the veritable 'stimulator' and 'provocateur' of the Reformation- yesterday. Now you may not know that Martin Luther suffered from constipation, wrote a great deal about it in his personal journals, and has said numerous times that many of his contemplations occurred while in the 'chamber of elimination'. One could say, then, that history has been shaped by activities of an excretory system in league with a recalcitrant sphincter muscle.

Now I know that you know many great things come from the toilet.

Can you see where this is going? Do I have to spell it out?

And like Dennis, several posts down, I am able to send you a lot of shit from my own blog. I am all blogged up right now. And, I ask, why wouldn't you want my shit? I just painted you, in perhaps mottled colors but in nonetheless *high* profile, the creative potential of shit.

Let me know! I look forward to hearing from you!

p.s. nice ditties. you make my medulla oblongata reel. Really.


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