Wednesday, October 20, 2004

songaday volume 2 #20

out the auto window: the broken line (you are not alone)

soooo. sox won... i am the greatest fairweather fan of the gestalt ever. but it is hard to make a song and watch baseball at the same time....(sorry, big j, i am what i am).

at any rate...i set out to make a different song. and maybe i did. i lack perspective at this juncture. i set out saying, "simple drums. simple melody. simple song." and arguably, it is. but it's not, at least not to me right now. it is much more convoluted than i intended. yet i like it again. it just feels like this songaday is so very diferent from the last. i feel like the changes are so gradual. but i can't tell... crrrrazy... i keep waiting for another clocks . but that is silly.

it is just that so few of these volume 2 folken feel like songs i'd want to play live. but is that a bad thing? speaking of which -i'm still playing at great scott's on the 27th. come and see and let me know if you have any requests even if you can't come and see.

yay and love and rock and sox.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

notice marty's use of the German word "gestalt" or "shape"
i approve,
-the sherif