Saturday, October 02, 2004

songaday volume 2 #2

here is the second song called imtention

i like the name because i did it by mistake and now it is a better name and a more interesting song. short and nice. i like it, i think.

HI! welcome back to songaday! i am marty, and i am happy and crazed and unnerved to be back at it. it still hasn't quite sunk in that i'm going to have to make 28 more songs.

so i think i already laid out any new rules a few posts back before i started, but i just wanted to mention what has changed a bit in terms of how i'm making these here songs. i got a nifty new computer robot program that lets me use a lot of sampled string and percussion instruments and some quirky effects and lots of control over sounds, so that's the stuff you're hearing so far (and my voice). so far it lends itself to people saying,"sounds like the polyphonic spree" which is fair enough (and unintentional, coincidentally) and makes sense because i listen to them lots lately. but it'll probably start to get all crazy. (or is it all crazy? i never know...) who knows? at any rate, it is awesome having all of these new and nifty sounds at my disposal, but that certainly doesn't mean i'm not allowed to use any of the good ole casio keyboards and so forth if i'm moved to do so. it's songaday, so whatever it takes to get a song made.

yeeee haw.
let me know what you think about songs!

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Anonymous said...

i'd say more xtc than spree... either way, it is mostly marty. and it is beautiful. this song feels thoughtful and also finished. i'd listen to it anyday! (and i will)