Tuesday, October 19, 2004

songaday volume 2 #19

for my very olde friends from the ka-tet of nineteen: eyes wide open

there is no connection to the stanley kubrick film that i have never seen.
as a point of reference - this song is a true story. autobiographical. i suppose many of them are. in a way all of them, even. but this one is enough so that i felt like mentioning it.

man, these songs have been all swoopy and lofty, lately. where's the stone cold rockers? eh, what're you gunna do? this one i was particularly okay with letting it do whatever the hell it wanted to. i thought a lot less about structure than usual and just did it. built up a poop load of tracks and then used something of an intriguing subtractive process. and who cares a lot?

okay, this is a crazy aside - yesterday's song. the sentence about chicken little was the last thing i wrote. a total afterthought. i did not have chicken little in mind when i wrote that song. and then i listened back to it. and well, there a rooster and cartoon music all over it. crazy undermind.


there's no such game as super lion king.


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You can't bribe Marty! He ain't no sell out and he ain't no train!
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the ice of Boston is muddy....

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