Saturday, October 16, 2004

songaday volume 2 #16

today brings us to: rinky dink huroney (does the jittery skidoo)

another character narrative weirdy dealy. also another song inspired by a drawing-doodle rather than a wordy doodle. not finished at 4am, which is nice. i still feel sick, but only medium sick. which is the hardest for me to deal with, because i don't feel bad enough to force myself to rest, but then when i play i get all extra sicky. and it is double-weird, because it is light fever sick, which just makes the world double-weird. and could explain the last few songs (though probably not, when one looks at the bigger picture).

drinking juice with a chicken puppet for a hand while missing the scavenger hunt!


Anonymous said...

umm.... i guess....
the best way to say what i'm thinking is...

it just didn't do anything for me. kinda boring. i'm still trying to figure out why. i think .... no... i don't know why... i'll think about it some more.


marty said...

i agree.
such is songaday.

though it should be said that this one has grown on me a bit in curious manner. it is a weirdy. though i like the lyric "with a chicken puppet for a hand" quite a lot.