Wednesday, October 13, 2004

songaday volume 2 #13

and the little bird sings

i think it is safe to say that at about mid-way through songaday volume two i am officially all over the map. this one was great fun to make, but who is to say if it will be great fun to listen to? you are! something else that has made this songaday unique to the first has been my lack of an immediate sense of whether or not i particularly like a song. interesting.

of note: this song features a rare move for me in the form of a verse chorus repeat. i'm usually too lazy or self conscious to do that. harumph.

it is the same little bird i sung about before, if anyone is keeping track. but he is in a way different song now. this little bird has appeared elsewhere in my universe of stuff i make. this universe is becoming densely populated, and would like a comic book story to tell some of its tale. balogna the bear lives there now. there on watermellon isle.

news from the front is that i will be playing a rock show on october 27 at the fabulous great scotts in allston. exciting news.

by gum!


Anonymous said...

dear marty,
send me a drawing of bird. right away.
first thing. right now.


(i have an idea i need to do)

Anonymous said...

oh, or maybe a couple from a couple different angles...
but at least one. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mellon with two "L"s? That correct?