Thursday, August 19, 2004


at the urging of an unnamed and unnameable colleague, i am posting to the "bjournal," despite the fact that i still have not begun songaday again. i am torn about this, and almost want to leave this space as ground for only songs, but i believe rock-music related updates are also relevant.

so: to that end...i have not made any songs since songaday. very interesting. since that time i have been on some kind of "recharge" mode. which has been pretty great. i have toyed with the idea of releasing songaday as a little cd. but in the end i think i want to do a somewhat more fleshed out cd that has some of the songaday songs (unrevised). i also want to use some of the songs that pre-date songaday (like pets ) and there are one or two more that haven't been made yet. then i will call the cd "everything is okay."

and then also i am currently working on a video for an older song i did called lobster building
i am working with the cool cats at moov lab , in particular the super awesome video dynamite queen ryan hodson.

and what of the next round of songaday?
the urge is growing and i am shooting for some time in seeptember. the only problem is a backlog of other "projects" i currently have going (including making the above-mentioned cd). but i have some time off from work leading into september, so hopefully i can get somewhat caught up.

okay - be nice and good and i'll come back with more songs soon!


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joliesworld said...

I'll be very nice and good... and WAITING!
Give a big lobsterlick to Ryan from me.