Wednesday, July 21, 2004

song a day #25

for xmen fans:
what warren said

a little curiosity. i am very sleepy. or tired. there is a difference, i suppose. i am not sure that i like this one. but maybe i do tomorrow.

so: the show was awesome. completely great. i will write more about it when i don't feel like falling over and smell so much like the haymarket alleys. but it was great. way fun. if you weren't there, come next time. if you were, bigtime thanks.

okay and yay and bathe and rest


Anonymous said...

marty! sorry I didn't get to go to your show! I would have if I'd a known... or maybe I wouldn't be able to because I was too busy... oh well... see you soon!


joliesworld said...

That cannot be Duchamp...

-greetings from Mahatma Gandhi's niece!

Anonymous said...

Hm. I was listening real hard for the X-Men connection in this song, as I do in every song I ever hear ever. Apart from the name "Warren" (as in Worthington III), I got bupkis.

You ought to do a full-on X-Men song now. FULL ON, MARTY.


marty said...

you got it.

it is about warren worthington 3, and something he said to me in a dream while his wings kept changing. i didn't think anyone would really pay attention to that idle note, but i forgot to take you into account, my friend.

i would need consultation from you for a full on x-men song (which i would totally do).